Together with Label | Vandenberg I designed the Funimals. This design originated from left over leather pieces which I wanted to give a new function. Label | VandenBerg is a Dutch furniture brand which makes handmade furniture with a no-nonsense character made and designed by craftsmen with passion. During the making of furniture pieces Label | Vandenberg uses beautiful naturel leather. Not all leather pieces can be used. So therefore a lot of small leather pieces are left over. I wanted to give these left over leather pieces a second, usefull and meaningful life by creating little animals from it. The re use of these left over leather pieces symbolise the origin of leather. I designed a pattern which can be punched in leather and it can be folded into a animal. It's a ode to the ox. "from a animal back to an animal." Who doesn't like these animals? The Funimal has a double purpose. It can be used as fun and a nice piece for a home accessorie product for the customer, but it also functions as a mascotte for Label | Vandenberg and shows the quality of different types of naturel leather.

ClientLabel van den Berg
DateJanuary 2018
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