ClientSatelliet Meubelen
DateMay 2020
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I wanted to create a cheerful, friendly and welcoming design with round shapes. A design which looks and is comfortable to sit in and that can be used in different environments, from hospitality to an office. The FIOLI design was inspired by nature; by the leaf shapes of a rose. I am always fascinated by the power of nature especially how nature can create certain shapes and colours. The design looks like it was folded from two volumes and joined together with a metal tube. The tube accentuates these volumes by its contrasting colour use. It has a decorative und constructional function. I always try to look for a kind of graphical tension in my designs. Sometimes by making a design look airy and transparant and voluminous at the same time.

FIOLI Lounge chair
FIOLI family of chairs (ac,hs,lac)